I am a Research Fellow at the Yale School of Management, USA. My primary stream of research pertains to the economics of innovation and entrepreneurship. In particular, I examine how individuals’ and organizations’ strategic adaptation to competitive conditions influences the pathway to innovation and entrepreneurial outcomes. My second stream of research examines causes of the gender gap in science and scientific innovation more broadly.

I am currently visiting the chair of Organization and Innovation at the University of Mannheim, Germany. My current projects use quasi-experimental techniques to  examine the influence greater financial investments might have on scientific innovation. I also continue my line of research on the gender gap in science, looking at team selection dynamics and possible effects on scientific productivity.

Before coming to Yale, I worked for the Boston Consulting Group in New York. I was also part of a four-person biotechnology start-up that was sold in 2014 to uniQure and then entered into a development alliance with Bristol-Myers Squibb.